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Investing in property can be quite scary for a lot of people. 

It is possible to lose, or make, a lot of money on investment property - but how do you make sure that you avoid the common (and not so common) mistakes that other investors make?

After all, you have worked hard for your what you have now, you want to make sure that you wisely choose a secure investment; an investment that will increase in value in a reasonable time frame and does not take extra cash from your current expenses and lifestyle.

Your investment (or investments) should help you have more choices regarding your retirement; you should get to choose when to cut back or stop working completely and still have an income to be able to do the things you want to do.

Australian women today lead very busy lives, with most time taken up by work, caring for others and perhaps even studying, with very little time left to do much else. There is no time left over to research where the the next property growth areas are, let alone find a good investment property in the right area. 

Why do so many women choose to work with

Her Property Portfolio to start and build their own

portfolio of investments properties?

► Make confident decisions and avoid costly mistakes by tapping in to our extensive research and knowledge base.

► Get ahead by accessing and utilising your own resources (equity or cash savings) without impacting on your current lifestyle.

► Easy and convenient - no hard sales, just good information.

What does your future look like now if nothing changes?

Do you want to just get by on the pension in your retirement?

Gain confidence

Deep down you know property is a good investment but you don't have the confidence to make a good decision on your own to purchase an investment that delivers what you need now and in the future.
You want to work with someone you can really trust and rely on to give you the right information and to walk with you through the whole process.
You also want someone to to advise and perhaps even assist you on dealings with other groups and individuals involved in the property investment process (such as developers or builders, agents, brokers, lawyers and conveyancers and so on).
That's where Her Property Portfolio can be relied on to provide the information and assistance to acquire the right investment property for your current circumstances and future goals as well as for any future investment properties.

Access to in depth and up to date research, knowledge and contacts

Being a successful property investor involves more than just knowing the prices in the property market. Is the area in a growth phase , is it flattening out or is it in a down cycle? What about infrastructure? What sort of property will be most in demand as a rental? What type of property in which location will provide good capital growth (increase invalue over time)?  How much will it cost per week or per month to keep this property as an investment?  All of these issues and more need to be taken into account to minimise risk when investing in property.

You can be assured that these factors (and more) are comprehensively taken into account when you work with Her Property Portfolio. Utilising the experience, knowledge and contacts of Her Property Portfolio  means you avoid the common (and less common) mistakes others make when investing, simply helping to focus in on the right investment property for you and your circumstances.

Build a secure future

Very few Australians (and sadly even fewer women) manage to grow an investment property portfolio that provides a secure

future for themselves - and their family

With a portfolio of investment properties you are able to use the power of leverage (borrowing money to invest) and take

advantage of capital growth (the increase in market value of property) to grow an initial small investment into a much larger

investment over time.

It is not easy to have a secure future in retirement with only one investment property, however with multiple investment

properties a more comfortable and secure retirement is achievable.

Her Property Portfolio specialise in working with you to build an investment property portfolio over time to acheive your long term goals, whether that is a passive income, a portfolio of cash flow positive properties or perhaps early retirement.

We love to see women succeed and reach their goals.

Are you ready to find out more about Investing in Property?

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